Help Me

Oh baby please,

kiss me and touch me,

love me as I am.

Hold me close,

and hold me tight,

love me strong,

and let me be your man.

Help me feel it's ok,

to not be perfect.

Let me know,

you'll love me, even if I cry,

make me feel you're there,

when I can't ask for help.

Convince me love, please

I don't always have to be strong,

make sure I know,

you'll still love me,

even if weakness, might show.

I love you as you cry,

and I ache at your pain,

help me believe love, please

that if my heart hurts so much,

I can't help but cry,

that I don't need to feel this shame.

Hold me when I grow numb,

love me, and chase the darkness away.

Don't push me and demand,

the words I can't always find.

Love me and trust in me,

until I can show you,

the things in my mind.

I can't always say the right things,

and I'm not always right,

don't yell when you're mad,

my face grows still and hard,

you make this blood, from my eyes

long to spill.

I'm not perfect babe,

but I'm perfectly flawed,

love me and support me,

be strong for us, when I can't.  

Help me to be better,

and so too, shall I help you.

I need your faith,

to be all that I am,

I need your love,

to complete me, as a man.

That's the beauty of my love though, Darlin

can't you see.

While you help me to be, all we know I can,

I'll be loving you and supporting you,

and making you see,

all the wondrous beauty inside you,

and coaxing it free.

We'll grow stronger together,

with this shared love of ours,

our love together,

will make our dreams..... reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A recent, but very dear friend, who holds a special place in my heart helped inspire this.  She's made me look at myself differently and notice things I didn't see before.  Thank you for what you've done.

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Kris Grula's picture

absolutley incredible... you reached into my soul