My Soul's Mate

You lay beside me as I lie awake

your breathing so soft

your body so warm.

I long to wake you

just to take you once again.

Your presence has dulled the aching

when you're around

it seems as if you're some lost part

that dropped away long ago.

You complete me

make me whole.

I once longed, for your mind to know

but soon realized, I had no further to go

than the depths of my soul.

Your special smile

that only I get to see

can clear the blackest clouds from my mind

it quiets the turmoil in my soul.

All the faith you place in me

the beauty you claim to see

nearly breaks me.

Your love climbs over my walls

sneaks past my shields

and makes me weak.

You stand beside me

when all else has fallen away

and I'm surrounded by ruin.

You shake me

scream at me

until I believe in myself once more.

Everytime I can make you laugh or smile

as I turn the sadness away

I wish to gloat and the storm inside me breaks

and the sun begins to shine.

The noises you make when we're together

make me ache with pleasure.

As your body contracts around me

my breath leaves with a gasp.

As I hold you and warmth overtakes me

I long to never do anything else.

The love I feel for you

burns me with it's strength

even as I yearn for more.

With thoughts of you in my mind

I am filled with serenity

and am freed of my anguish

as my eyes begin to close

your scent in my nose

I slip away.

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