Weakness steals through my body

like some insidious poison

leaving numbness in it's wake.

My mind rails at the weakness of my flesh

my heart grows weary of caring

and the rage thunders through my soul.

I fall to my knees

as the waves of self loathing wash over me

as I begin to slam my fist into the ground

uncaring of the pain.

My wordless shouts of rage

the only thing holding my tears of frustration at bay.

My shouts go unheeded

for I am alone in the house

except for my dog

who whimpers out her concern for me

as I fight to control my rage once again.

As my rage is spent

I'm left lonely and feeling empty

with nothing left to keep the tears away.

I'm still leaning upon my hands

as I kneel on the floor

they begin to course down my cheeks

and my body heaves with sobs

as I realize what I've become

all that's been taken from me

and what little I have to show for it.

I'm spent, with nothing but my pain left

and that cold that fills me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a couple of years ago, when I was experiencing a particularly low spot in life.

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