Loving What You Can't Have

Tell me again baby, say you love me,

maybe this time I'll feel it.  

Whisper it in my ear please,

put so much passion in it,

I can taste its truth,

make me feel that you need me too.  

Your words are so lovely,

make me know it's true,

I'm getting tired of these sentiments,

that I can only hear.  

Love me like I love you,

please love, please,

let's make it true.  

I wanna be your pefection,

but first, make me feel the connection.  

Don't you see it lovely,

you're killin me,

I want you like no other.  

Dearest, why can't I be,

you're one, the only.  

I'd do so much to make you happy,

I'd give of myself,

give away all I have,

just to hear you say,

"Please baby, please, be mine".  

I wanna be your perfection,

but first, let me in,

admit our connection.  

Don't you see it angel,

I'm here to set you free.  

Spread your wings beautiful,

realize those dreams of yours,

I believe in you.  

Together we'll both become,

who we were meant to be.  

You have nothing to fear darlin,

when your life get's its bleakest

and things seem darkest,

just reach out your hand.  

I'm still here love,

head bowed and waiting,

down here on my knees.  

I know you need me too,

dearest, but you don't wanna believe,

it's not something that's worked before.  

Call my name beautiful,

open your arms, hold me close,

let me complete you.  

You are my perfection girl,

but you need to embrace our connection.  

I sense so much rightness baby,

I know it's true.  

If you change your mind love,

reach out and say my name,

I'll be here, I'm here,

just waiting, waiting for you.

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