Canvas of Sin

Sexy time

C'mon, baby, take my hand

I wanna take you to some other land,

Oh these things I long to do, oh these,

these dirty things I plan for you.

(if you knew how bad I crave your taste,

oh baby please, give me release)

I wanna feel your restraint unravel,

think of it now, oh yes do,

imagine me deep, as you clench me, inside of you.

(my mouth wants to taste you, so very bad,

caress your every inch, with tongue and lips,

darlin, I wanna make you so wet, you drip)

Your body is my canvas, dear,

and your ecstacy is my paint,

I'd unravel your mind, lover,

fuck all restraint.

God I bet you'd taste so good,

now think about my tongue against your hood,

mmmmm, like how I flick it, baby,

how do my fingers feel, how bout I curl em up a bit,

oh you make this hard, the moaning and thrashing,

get's so distracting.

(I want inside you so bad, damn,

it hurts so good)

Fuck me now you say? Hahahah, don't think so, dear,

On your side now, lovely, I'll make sure,

the object of your desire is near.

Mmmmm, you smell so good,

I love kissing your shoulders and neck,

I'm sure you won't mind my mouth pulling at your back.

(can't break the rules dear, feel it close,

as I flex it against you, you can't have it just yet,

I only want to make sure, you know, I too am wet)

Spread for me, darlin,

I want to feel your soft secrets,

as my mouth plays upon you.

Does the anticipation burn yet within,

how bout now, as I gently spread you,

laying my finger so softly,

against your throbbing center.

(how bad do you want it, dear,

if you can beg with words, you still have to wait)

Tell me, beautiful, does it turn you on,

as I suck your moisture from my fingers.

Tell me if you mind, sweetness,

as I pull on your ass,

just parting you so slightly from behind,

all it would take is a little push,

how bad does your slice of heaven yearn?

Oh god, baby, I love how you burn.

(anticipation is the magical key,

feel that now, baby,

as I slowly enter you now,

don't convulse yet, dear,

my painting has only just begun)

Just let it out, girl,

don't hold anything back,

fuck me with all you have, dearest,

scream so loud, these windows crack.

Let it all go, baby, only you and I exist,

it's alright, you don't have to resist,

let the hunger take its toll,

give me everything you have, honey,

fuck me hard,

just lose control.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't a poem about past experiences, I don't kiss and tell :P.  It's more along the lines of something...... something I hope I find someone worthy of sharing it with.

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Venatic Star's picture

Omfg, why do I keep reading your stuff? 'Cause it's so damn good of course. Besides the content and the luckiest woman alive to recieve something like that, the flow of the words is perfect. I think everything fits together so well... and the decriptions from your words... are wonderful.. and beautiful all at the same time. But anyways... I'm sure you knew all that already...

Candice Smith's picture

I have to agree with the previous comment; the flow of the words is magnificent. Word choice is amazing, as well.