Sexual Healing

Sexy time

Many tears of pain I have cried

though many tears I still keep inside.

These tears of pain, I may not show you.

My anger and rage I shall let you know.

Too deeply in my mind, I dare not go

for I am afraid to let the fires flow.

for once it does, loathe am I to make it slow.

On and on, the fire burns

scorching mind and body with it's ire.

The things I long to do to your flesh are dire

my loins, oh do they burn.

For the taste of your flesh do I yearn.

In your cool harbor, I wish to quench these fires

for I wish to mount and conquer all I see

and it seems you are all that stands before me.

Your flesh, it is all aquiver.

Your sex I begin to scent

from the fountain of my desire, I bid you drink.

Into your flesh my teeth begin to sink

with so much ease they penetrate.

I begin to emancipate all that you are.

Deep are the marks I inflict

but on you, they leave no scars.

Within your soul, the fires begin to grow

through your veins do they race

your heart begins to beat with desire's frenzied pace.

Even though time seems to slow

within you, I now begin to go

the sensation of your body I crave to know.

At your warmth I begin to swell

among all this pleasure, I long to dwell.

Though the fact that this was fun cannot be denied

the night around us, is still young.

My desire for you does yet burn

your heart beat, that I hear, is still so loud.

In your mouth my tongue begins to crowd

all I keep inside begins to sing.

Your sweat sheened skin, against my own

your hands on my ass that caress

the pain within you, that I wish to posess.

The fires in you, that I provoke

your breasts and stomach, that my knowing fingers stroke

trapped now are you, in desire's yoke.

In my handcuffs, are your hands now bound

a use for the darkness, have I now found.

For deep in me, has it grown in leaps and bounds.

Now my anger and rage you have been shown.

With my teeth in your flesh, I have etched

some of my pain.

As daylight through your window dawns

all trace of me at first appears gone

yet your body aches so nice

your flesh still slightly quakes.

Relief floods throughout you

for now you still seem sane.

You can still smell my scent upon you

and gone are the feelings, of which

up inside, were pent....

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Good job

Good job