Your Eternity

Blood drips from the black rose petals,
Trickles down the moon
"Who am I?" she laughs,
"I have no clue."

She sits by the shore,
Her toes in the sand,
Lets fly the beautiful dove in her hand

Softly she smiles
And ponders a bit
"Ok," she says,
"Who I am...

I am the breath of the wind
She lets out when she sighs
I am each drop of rain
She lets spill when she cries

I am first morning's light
And each star in the sky
When the last glimmer fades
And all hope turns to night

I am the leaking crimson that drips,
The cold of the blade that turns to cruel lips
I am the silent sin on your wrists
When the blade pushes in,
Your goodnight kiss

I am the metal paving your bullet
I am the pain
And the name scribbled on it
I am the crack when the barrel purges,
When the bullet hits
And your body lurches

I'm the last grain of sand
Spilling through glass
I'm the wick burning out
When all your time's passed

I am the ocean
Made of dead lovers' tears
I'm the end of it all
And the worst of your fears

I am the shiver
Running down your spine
I'm an angel forsaken
And a devil divine

I am all that you ever
Dreaded I'd be
I'm the end of all time
Your eternity

I am day
I am life
I am death
I am night

I'm beginning
I am end
I'm the sea
I'm the wind...

I am what I am--
Your eternity"

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honey811's picture

A very deep provoking write, that got my attention.
Really does make one think of what lys ahead. What eternity we will face, Awsome write