Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

The sinister thoughts

Swirling around

The hollow mass


Let loose your fury

The raw hate

You have for me

Unleash the fiery hell

With your demonic eyes

Don�t hold back

Your true feelings

Say it to my face,

The evil,

The corruptness

The truth

Forget your possessiveness

Stop living a lie

Don't envy me

Don't hate me.

Get over your jealousy

Don't dwell in the past

Ignore the raw passion

That burns you up.

Forget the fire

Blazing inside you

Put it out

Leave it behind

Forgive and forget

Or just go

It's not my fault

Don't blame me

For your own mistakes.

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Ruth Ingham Black's picture

Normally when I see a poem with stuff about deminz init, I think 'meh, seen that before', but this is really good. I really like the last verse.