Unspoken love

Seans poems

Loved for years,

here by your side.

Those three words,

i dared to say.

Feel the same,

or just a friendship.

Say or not say,

those words of love,

  or stay in your hidden shadow.

Sixty years later im at your funeral,

time has taken you from me.

In your will you wrote the truth,

i wait for you,

  you wait for me.

All these years with words unnoticed,

those words unspoken,

   never spilled out.

I say them now,

i love you.

Now all that remains are tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was not personal but it was the longest one to write. please critique this poem if you liked or disliked this poem.

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solidsarcasm's picture

aw. this made me cry. i like your writing alot. its very reflecting.

feel free to look at some of mine and tell me your opinions negative or positive.

Tali Groff's picture

i love your poems but you need to post others try something happy...something new in your life that creates joy for you.

read some of mine and critique them.