Oh traveller of the earthy life

What is the hurry for you to leave

You will not get this shade so cool

to rest in the love and affection

Words on life are but writings on water

Nothing is yours.. nothing is mine

This is just a stopover on your long travel

Oh traveller tarry awhile ere you leave

Where will you go oh traveller?

Tell me in a whisper where you're going


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Mr Bern one of my gurus in words

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Stardust's picture

perfectly worded as usual,

perfectly worded as usual, sir bishu :)

my respects to both of you. had the priviledge of knowing him in here. especially liked his little pieces on random thoughts - ranging from unknown letters to computer operating systems... wonderful little snippets :)

bishu's picture

Glad to see your signature on my post

My salute to Greatest Dear Mr Bern.He'll be etched in my mind forever.As for wording I do not make any conscious effort. Far from "perfect"