Innocent,uneducated lovely baby is born

Into a teeming jungle of educated people

People well-versed in elegant speech,manners

Many university toppers with hard earned laurels

Learned, intelligent,worldly wise empty barrels

Empty for their love for their motherland and nature

Yet they hold audience captive with talk most mature

An immature ill-educated thinker gazes up to the sky

With wonder and glee watches the pretty birds fly

The educated research scholar vying for a degree

Delving in binary circuitry will he ever be free ?

Like the ill-educated rustic lying comfy under a tree

Student slicing innocent small creatures of God

In pursuit of education and make horizons broad


Scarcely able to walk the frisky,playful toddler

Learns at school- education begins in the guise of rhymes

Little does he know the magic'll fade with the times

Arithmetic,Science,General Knowledge,Moral Science

Like a parrot the child is educated robs him of his shine

Teenager taught things that are vices & things which are foul

What makes him a fan of Batman with masked face and jowl?

Good fighting bad -- the age-old truth appeals deep

Resonates in his immature mind --- happy his sleep

High School ends,College ends,University ends.......

People around him applaud ,envy -the manner he transcends

Then the need to earn honest money becomes his need

Certificates become meaningless-- Education begins to breed


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some rotten stuff cooked -- fit for garbage bin - a must not read stuff

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thankyoo 4 ds inspirin read

thankyoo 4 ds inspirin read :) hopefully i will remembr it in times of desperate need for inspiration :)

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Thank you Dear Mayukh for reading

Thank you Dear Mayukh for reading