Lady Love



Slim fair lady with soft pretty lips

Coaxes me out of bed from warm blanket

Sexy,inviting sitting on the table

Beside the steaming morning cup

Expectantly I look at her sexy figure

She enticingly looks at me with her lure

No ! no ! this craving I can't endure !!

I fondly kiss her yellow cold cottony lip

The gunpowder soldiers in the match tray

Soldiers waxen with a black gruesome head

I scratch one on its abode's door.....

Oh ! what a lovely yellow glow-I cup my hands

The flame I put to my lady love's legs

With passion she burns -smokes- I cough

Sitting back I hold her till I had had enough


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Gruesome but true. There's no

Gruesome but true. There's no doubt, after a while, cigarettes become a passion. I know! I, like many others, ruined my health with them. However, after being in ICU, unconscious, for two weeks on a ventilator, I quit smoking after spending another month in the hospital... Then to a nursing home... I was given just a couple of years to live.. However, I was stubborn and began forcing myself to walk a bit, eventually threw away all the breathing meds that I was taking -- and today, after seven years without a cigarette, I average walking between 5/6 fast pace miles every morning...


So-I know about smoking, and I wish more people would quit, but it's their choice to smoke. It's not my place to judge them.


And yes--I'm still fairly young...

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Truly felt bad at hearing your horrific experiences Mr Vance

Truly felt bad at hearing your horrific experiences Mr Vance.No, Vancey of course we're not judges.Despite the serious afflictions connected with tobacco smoking the sales of cigarettes is showing an upward slant.... Youth isn't to waste on tobacco smoke Mr Vance my friend.I sincerely wish you good health in many many decades to come.May your past tryst with "Lady Luv" be a forgotten chapter.She has sucked you raw & now sucking millions .........

~Your~friend~far~far~away~in~another time n space~



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SORRY i HATE THAT BITCH! I cant stand to be anywhere near her she stinks and sucks the life out of you when you think youre doing it to her. she always has the last laugh... if that bitch takes anymore of my relatives... well. I will find her in hell and show her the light. I will kick her butt! ;)  you lit a fire under me sir! great write bishu! hugss i really enjoyed! (I hope you enjoyed my tiny rant).

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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When oh when will drugs & tobacco be banned ??

 When oh when will drugs & tobacco be banned ?? Respected SS.Thank you sooo much loved yaz comment 



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Damn, I seem to love her too.

Damn, I seem to love her too. Especially with a hot cup of coffee. Damn that little wench. She just keeps luring me in. lol! Mine is an American Spirit. At least the tobacco is organic and chemical free but I don't think that will save me. Maybe we should both quit!

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