4th Dec 2013

                                                                                                                                                                9.30 p.m.local time

This is in trying to keep in tune with the ensuing festive season during which all esteemed poets on this site will be celebrating and may be quite busy for preparing for the grand celebrations. Most humbly I wish all the members on this site a grand festive season ahead. Those who have lost their near, dear ones during the year may God above release you from the irreparable loss. Dear God, give all the strength to overcome their own unique sadness and infuse into them the feeling of joy  along with the world. Let me also welcome the new-borns who are the only hope for the future.For those who were and are still sick or immobile may He give them the happiness taking a wee little bit from everyone so that they can enjoy the Christmas Mass and dinner. Just a wee thought for me and I’ll be happy.

During last year all of us have seen several uphills and downhills but thankfully they now are part of History. Someone losing a pet is truly bad news. The bereaved owner(poet or whatever) never ever forgets his pet specially at festive times. Globally, plenty have been brought to headlines which all of us know. Some have affected all some slightly. The natural calamities claiming lives and property have saddened me so also man slaying man for selfish ends.

I also take this grabbed opportunity to welcome those greenhorns to this site(courtesy admin) and wish them all all the best in making this wondrous site flourish. Younger  budding poets  are my dream. They are the ones who can be bold enough to be radical and not be tied down by “Geegle” or “Feebel” or whatever. Please please be your own natural selves and keep your own distinctive style. I envy some poets on this site(shall not name them lest the others take offence)

A big “Thank you” to all those who have encouraged me to write rubbish and more rubbish through their worthy comments and expensive time. Each comment is worth a million dollars to me.I remember with fondness the first poem which I mailed to a top selling literary magazine. When I saw my poem in print I was overjoyed!!! That was almost eight years ago. So, my dear neo poets do not lose heart. Someday you will be rewarded.  

I truly wonder why am I writing this!! Maybe I’ll someday slip off into oblivion since as you all know tinned spinach won’t last forever and my boat I hug to carry me to eternity.




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Very nice, Bishu. And may you

Very nice, Bishu. And may you carry the same all the year round into 2015 and beyond. Hope your ship holds up.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "