Drab, dull,drizzly Monday morning

Busy vehicular traffic ..the city bus stop

Buses halt for a minute-ingests school children

Cigarette dangling from chaffed lips

The Office Man dressed and 'tied'

Impatient,stressed,waiting for his office bus

Thumbs his palmtop typing his work schedule

Wife,loving children........ all forgotten

Gazing up at the monsoon flowers bright

Would it waste Time if he cared to gaze long

Feel the cool spray ... feel the nature

He could've opened his brolly and shut it

Mind has already arrived at his office desk

Luxury office bus takes him aboard

Office Zombie feels comfortable in seat no. nine

Sky has cleared the weather now fine

Bright sun shining... the bus is rushing

Where is he going? How important is his work ?

Is he happy on the morning of Monday ?

Face clean shaven.. fragrance of after-shave

His heart is heavy,he's no King, he's a Knave !!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some words led to more words.Hoping for some meaning.Alas ! the wasted time.Soul coated with grime.White painted face enacting a mime.

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I enjoyed this, as well as

I enjoyed this, as well as the others I've read tonight.

 Keep stringing the words my friend,

everytime you do there's a poem at the end.

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How old we are; it doesn't matter when it comes to behaving in public, especially when a person has too much to do in the near future!  Many a times we feel so impatient that we forget the place we are, as our mind is so preoccupied. A begger may be a king in his beggerly kingdom, where as a middle class person can never ever scale the summit as he is unlikely to rise above mediocrity. But, then there are exemptions! It's a great write Mr. Bishu that makes one imagine of what it looks like in the morning and the absent minded behaviour of the office goer!