Mango Beauty


Mango Beauty

Ripe juicy mango pulp

Thick and slushy sweet

I dabbed a handful 

On my sweaty palms

Applied generously

All over my sweaty body

Closed my eyes

Lavishly mangod my hair

Put on the ceiling fan

The pulp caked dry

I entered the cold shower

Washed off all the paste

However sweet it may taste

Then a frothy mango shampoo

Followed by mango soap

My skin shone like a newborn

Hair became squeaky clean


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Abdul's picture

Hello Bishu

So enjoyed read! I love mango and banana. Here is my simple peom:-


I love to eat banana

I like its yellow color

Me, my kids, and my nana.


Have a nice day.

bishu's picture

Thanks Dear Abdul

Thanks Dear Abdul for your read & poetic comment......



roseblossoms's picture

Natural home remedies!

Natural home remedies! Sounds

like a fragrant skin wash!

Cant go wrong! 

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Dove's picture

There you go! A healthy

There you go! A healthy idea 

for overripened mangoes!


Now if only you could bottle it

and sell it, before the  fruit flies 

come in! 



bishu's picture

Aww Dubblee

No!  Selling any garden produce doesn't go well with our home culture. We give them away to neighbours & friends close by. My wife made jam & pickles.Thanks for reading & commenting. Best wishes.