Mango Beauty


Mango Beauty

Ripe juicy mango pulp

Thick and slushy sweet

I dabbed a handful 

On my sweaty palms

Applied generously

All over my sweaty body

Closed my eyes

Lavishly mangod my hair

Put on the ceiling fan

The pulp caked dry

I entered the cold shower

Washed off all the paste

However sweet it may taste

Then a frothy mango shampoo

Followed by mango soap

My skin shone like a newborn

Hair became squeaky clean


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Abdul's picture

Hello Bishu

So enjoyed read! I love mango and banana. Here is my simple peom:-


I love to eat banana

I like its yellow color

Me, my kids, and my nana.


Have a nice day.

bishu's picture

Thanks Dear Abdul

Thanks Dear Abdul for your read & poetic comment......