Changing World


[To be read lightly and laughed at]


Changing World


Friar Tuck was he a friar ?

He was good at fighting

with a long sturdy staff

We need such people now

Not any timid old cow

Who fall seriously sick

After their marriage vow

Deep deep deep is the ocean

Drowned in daytime dreams

Modern Friar Tucks see horror films

And after two a.m. scarily screams

They are just enjoying Deep's dreams


Mr Deep ::  U R awesome


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roseblossoms's picture

"some cute funny lines in

"some cute funny lines in there


No one should fall sick after marrige vows

certainly, not any old timid cow....

bishu's picture

Glad you liked the humour Respected RB

..... Thank you...



deepinyourdreams's picture

Nice, everyone needs a little

Nice, everyone needs a little laughter now and then, "Mr. Bishu"


bishu's picture

Agreed Mr Deep

They say lafftar is the best medisin Laughing