Jungle Scent


Jungle Scent
Dark and moist the cool canopies of the jungle
Resting in the cradle of wonderful heady nature
Soft breeze plays hide and seek with tree trunks
Screeching birds buzzing insects playful as ever
Hot tropical sun curses the impregnable foliage
In concrete slums urbanites sweat and shimmer
A small furred animal sleeps peacefully in a paradise
Musty heady scent seeps into the stressed psyche
There is no path to be seen in the dense forest
So tis better to lay down and take some rest
Gazing lazily upwards to see a wild birds nest
Words must float into the mind without haste
Friends rest awhile else all time is but a waste

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deepinyourdreams's picture

Very Nice write, I enjoyed,

Very Nice write, I enjoyed, Mr. Bishu


bishu's picture

Thank you Mr Deep

for your kindness....