It all started in your living room, that still familiar cold colour combination of blues and light greys. 

There are so many memories in here. 


I sat on this familiar couch in total disbelief, I never thought I would see this room again. 

Five long years past and I am back in this room. 

It’s amazing, there are so many memories in here. 


Then she came, she sat next to me. 

Her long brown hair and glowing smile seemed to warm an otherwise frigid room. 

She hasn’t aged a day.  


She said nothing but just kissed and I started to cry. 

I never stopped loving you was all I could say, all I wanted to say. 

She just smiled and asked if I could forgive her.  

I continued to cry and my tears said yes, down my face, with every drip. 


I cant believe I’m back here, it all started in your living room. 

So many memories. 




As my vision comes back into focus I realize I’m staring at my ceiling.  

I’m still crying but the tears spell something different now.  

They spell regret. 

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