Contagious the man who spreads miserable grain

A slave to his own ball and chain

Conspicuous his burden

For all to see

Glaring is his cynical stride

He drinks the nectar of the fruitless tree


Probing for the fraud in welcoming faces

Unrest he foresees, though not always at hand

His growth is stunted by his mind’s oasis

Slow to understand

Not all breathed air is of frigid land

But for the contagious man

When the cold wind blows

He has arrived home

For the cold is all he knows


He disparages the notion of an offered hand

Intrigued by motive

The toxin released from his spread wings

Pollutes the air with energy so corrosive

So hurried to judge

Rusty is his weathered grudge

Crippled by his own conjecture

Suspicious of a kind heart

Disbelieving of a selfless gesture


Staying warm beneath layers of unkind

A postman of the world

His letter delivered in crystal clear tone

A pessimist loves a gathering

And never intends to be miserable alone


But someday

That icy exterior will slowly melt away

And after the thaw

Like warming icicles

That cold demeanor will inevitably fall

Perishing in a world no longer frozen

Always to be

Tossed about in turbulent sea

Withering along the path he’s chosen




Copyright © 2014 by Daryl R. Gaines. All rights reserved






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many people find their own happiness spreading their misery to others. People don't like being surrounded by negative energy. This is an unhealthy way to live

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willow's picture

The words are carefully

The words are carefully chosen and blend together to give me the image of such a person! It holds truth and wisdom in its rhythm... Incredible imagery and inspired by one of the unfortunate truths of this world! You blew me away :D