Family secrets: The legend of Gallior the 1st

My grandfather has told me stories about how he concurred the 7 seas in search of treasure that he has always dreamt about. He told me of a golden staff that has been told to give you powers beyond your wild imaginations. I have had dreams about his adventures and my mind has been set on finding this mystical staff so that I can make him proud. On his death bead I swore to find it. Alone at home and only 16 years of age, I start doing my homework, collecting all information and clues that my grandfather happen to leave behind. I remember him tilling me his last lead was in an old library that’s nearby my home. I venture off to this secret location to find that the library that was once there was gone, a hospital replaced it. Then I started again from scratch. I remember the hat my grandfather gave me when he told me stories, I took it every were I went. I lie in my room, thinking playing with the hat hoping it might give me inspiration but nothing came to mind. A paper fell out of the hat, as I opened it to see. It happened to be a missing piece of a map I came by while looking through his research. I rushed and pieced the map together and the picture came up. The old library had a mark on it and then I thought to myself, why does it have a mark on it?


I ran to the hospital and asked an old nurse about a library that use to be hear, she said they moved it a while ago. I ran off, I did research on this staff and it was called THE STAFF OF GODS.

My mind was puzzled towards this name. Why is it called that? How did we get to know of it?

Legends say it fell from the skies when it rained fire from the heavens but I thought it was rubbish, a mere tale to tickle children’s fancies but my heart was afraid. I went to a library of history and found that this staff was in my America and then I wondered. Why is it so close? There was no exact location. But why the library had a mark on the map. I did research of the library, and found out that it had a ground chamber that no one could access. As I found this I ran back to the hospital and went down to the basement of it. I found a guard sleeping. I sneaked through without being noticed. And then I saw the door. It was made out of gold and had marks that I couldn’t describe. The door was shut and had no way to be opened. I cried out to my grandfather in agony, I didn’t know what to do. I took out all his notes again and started to read them as if the world was still, the silence creped the room but I wasn’t distracted and then I found a note saying follow the pattern from the mark that looked like a bird to a mark that looked like a craps claw and so I did and the door opened. My heart was filled with excited and I thanked my grandfather for his hard work to make this easy for me and then I walked in the door





The door shut behind me and the passage lit with a strange green light. I thought to myself, the adventure begins. I walked through the passage In fear. My mind was on the prize but my heart wanted to run back. I entered a room and then I saw it, THE STAFF OF THE GODS. I celebrated then rushed off to pull it from its shrine but I stopped and thought that my grandfather knew about this but what stopped him from taking this staff. But my ego pushed me on and I pulled the stall, it shifted but it couldn’t come off its shrine, I pulled it off and a bright beam of red light shot up right to the sky and made a big hole on the ceiling. I heard a horn then saw the sky light up in bright red and b then saw a light coming down fast, I ran away from it and then it landed on the ground with a loud bang. I saw something walking towards me and when it got close it seemed like a man in a gold armor, this thing sent out a big roar and I started to shake in fear. It pointed as the staff and as I tried to hand the staff to it, it turned a leaver and asked, can you hear me now? I could understand it, yes I said. He told me that he was sent to protect me and told me that a dark force is approaching and I must defend the earth because I found the staff. As he told me my responsibilities and how the staff needed to be taken to a location called THE EDGE OF THE WORLD the ground shook and the sky had balls that were bright and he said, their hear. As I asked he pushed another button on the staff and my body got covered in a gold armor as the one he had and he said, tonight, we dine in hell, and he said get ready to fight. My heart rushed and adrenaline surged throughout my body, the balls got closer and then they disappeared. I heard loud roars though out the area and the beasts showed up, as ugly as they can be and very wild. They attacked, we fought bravely, well he did. I only did enough to keep me alive and he said, use the staff! And I thought, what does he mean? He screamed, focus! And I tried, the only thing that was on my mind was THE EDGE OF THE WORLD and we got teleported to a cold place and the staff started to glow and then a gold building rose up from the ground and it was very tall. But as I was amazed, the sky turned dark and a big shuttle landed in a distance then the gold worrier shouted, get inside! We got in the building and there was another shrine in it. The worrier said I must go forth and place the staff before it’s too late and I did, then a white beam of light shot up to the sky and lightning struck the shrine and the another roar came from the sky and the worrier said, it’s going to be alright now. Another bolt of lightning struck the ground and a man stood there in a shiny white armor and said, brave worrier thank you for finding my long lost staff and then he took it in his hand and said, stand back. He walked out of the door bravely and he shouted, be gone demons! While banging the staff on the ground and then a loud roar came from the sky, but this was different from all the other roars and a giant beast rose from the ground and it was scary, his eyes red, teeth big and had 4 arms. The worrier with the white armor battled with it bravely, with no regrets, hitting, bashing and screaming his lungs out as he battled, I watched in amazement and then the creatures surrounded them as if they were making a ring and watched also. The sky thundered and it rained, as the battle went on, then ground kept vibrating as if this was a battle for all mankind. The worrier delivered the last blow defeating the creature and then the creatures vanished into thin air.




He walked towards us. And said it’s over for now. I asked, for now?  And he told me that every 200 years a battle between good and evil is always waged to decide on the fate of the universe but 150 years ago his staff disappeared from the heavens and he didn’t know where to start looking so he sent messengers to each dimensions to tell tales about the staff and 1 of them found it but never returned because my powers faded away due to the staff missing. How did grandfather know about it? I thought to myself and why did he make me swear? And he knew the location, but it wasn’t the right time. Then the worriers told me, great, great grandson of Gallior we thank you. And then they disappeared in a flash of lightning and I got teleported to my home, I thought to myself what did they mean great, great grandson son of Gallior? Then I threw myself in bed and drifted off to sleep.

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