Sleepless nights, wheres my little girl? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo]

Sleepless nights,

In my home town,

I worry about her were about.

I sit by the phone,

Awaiting her call

Is she safe at all?


Only seventeen years old,

And already she is challenging the world

My little girl is growing up. On her own.

She never listens anymore.

She reminds me of the woman,

I married long ago.


Why doesn’t she answer her phone?

I sit here all alone.

Thinking where is my little girl

The world feels cold,

Not knowing where to look for her

I sit here wondering,

Where is my little girl?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Father worried about their daughters

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mrcalif's picture

she will always be your

she will always be your little girl.... nice poem 

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very good i like the theme

very good i like the theme

Fritz etheart

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thank you

Thank you very much although this is just a hobby, I take it really seriously. I am still young and I want to learn more and being complemented by professionals means alot. I am great full for your comments