The Unanswered Question.

The Unanswered Question.

After sixty years of happy marriage, you ask me if I still love you. What a question, can you not see that I worship the very ground that you walk on. I know I am not the kind to bring home flowers or presents. I help you in any way I can even if it is only the house work, washing and drying the used dishes. Now it is I that fills the washing machine and does the weekly washing.

Who do you call in play, Gunga Din your water carrier? Five or six times a day I make tea or coffee and your insatiable need for fresh cold water, It is I that fills the jug and places it in the refrigerator, Yes I do love you, now as I did when I first saw you. Your long black beautiful hair is now white it still frames that sweet face now as it did sixty years ago.

I know the difficulties you have when walking with that once straight back. It could have been the back of a Guards Soldier. Now you are becoming a smaller version of what was once a young woman with the most beautiful of figures. It has not stopped me loving you. For love you I will until my very last breath.

I know that I should tell you every day that of my love, what is it that stops me from saying those three little words that would certainly make your day. Was it the upbringing in the orphanage that nearly killed all forms of love and compassion. That too was a very long time ago but early lessons taught by life are hard to forget.

Many think that I am a cold person. No not cold just always on the defense, my guard is high even with you my beloved; yes sadly even with you my defense is way much too high. To answer your question do I still love you. Yes, Yes, and Yes for evermore your loving husband.

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If you will my confession. Bern

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Truth !!!!!!!!!!!

Truth !!!!!!!!!!! The formal words " I love you" ,gifts,et al are meaningless in true love.Superb !! my mate Respected Bern Sir !!! I was just thinking of NOT COMMENTING on any post but this was... oh well I'm a human after all & at the tip of my life's journey so I remain your most worthless commentator till time makes us part ~Best wishes from the nesters far away~



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For my Friend Bishu.

Thank you my Friend this came to me after my dear wife said, "Don't you love me anymore?" This was one answer that I could have given. I wrote this really to help anyone else that might have a loving wife that needs reasurring every day that she is loved and always will be. Smiles from Your friend also in the voids of the heavens when and if I ever get to such a heavenly place. Bern.