Burdens of Life.

Burdens of Life.


Where are the days gone when I was able to run a mile? Now each step is another of those burdens that life imposes on one, as one gets older. Shopping has lost its magic air of wondering what the shopkeeper is going to offer today. Each step is another step that is squandering my energy. I have no energy to waste and this shopping is only prolonging the time until I can have my afternoon rest to recharge my battery loss. Those small tablets that used to give me hope and courage to face another day seem to have lost their potency.


Why I ask myself does it take so long before my eyes close for the night. The sleeping pill should knock me out in a few moments of time. Not any more I try other ways to fall off into a deep sleep. I count from a thousand backwards to one. Sometimes it works quite well at other times nightmares are my lot. Laying on my back purposely relaxing all of the muscles in my now old body. This is also just a whim of mine. Nine times out of ten I get cramps and have to get out of my warm bed and walk about until the cramps go to wherever cramps disappear to.


Old nursery rhymes repeated as quickly as I my brain can remember them sometimes send me off into a deep sleep. Another small trick is to choose a word, any word and try to give it another meaning. If you are conversant with a foreign language this gives you a better choice to pick a word to play around with. Traffic noise is another of my problems the martins horn of a Police car, an ambulance or even the fire brigade always seem to choose the time as my eyes are falling to close out the night evening the way to that blessed sleep that my old body craves for. It is a craving worse than a drug addict goes through when his or her drugs are gone. Goodnight I feel my eyes closing. See you in the morning with a little luck.


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How I do sympathise with you,

How I do sympathise with you, fortunatly life hasn't yet lost it's joy, but the nights....  I hate them, hour after hour just waiting, too tired to get up but too awake to sleep. It's very quiet here, so if I do hear any noise,  teenagers in the park behind my house or distant cars racing around an empty carpark in the distance,  it's great as it takes my mind off me, and also reassures me I am not the only one left on this planet! Great writing, well expresed. All the best  sweetwater. (Sue ) 

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Thank you Sue for your nice comment. Insomnia is terrible, the tossing and turning not knowing where to move to next. Trying not to wake the wife small pocket torch so as not to have to turn a light on. all part ofan evil plan to keep me awake. LOL it is bad but not that bad. Most of my prose is written to help get things off my mind. Have a nice day now with best wishes from Bern.