The Wind.


The Wind.




Going to the clearance where the old oak tree stands a gust of wind blew me off my feet, I managed to get up and carry on walking when another gust of wind took me again and I found myself laying on the grass. This was definitely not my idea of fun. I hurried along and soon was under the shelter of the old oak tree. The Wise Old Owl hopped down from her perch on one of the higher branches. Her greeting was hidden by the wind. Ruffling her feathers she greeted me again. Nasty old wind today isn’t it. I had to agree with her as I made myself comfortable in the roots of the old oak tree.




Not a Fairy was to be seen. I know that if I was a Fairy I would not go out in such high winds. One must always be careful when one has a pair of wings. They must not get wet and one cannot use them in very high winds. It is safer to use one’s feet to get about. I was going to go back to my home but the wind blew a young Fairy right into my arms. I asked her if she was hurt, no she was not hurt but had a very important message for Her Majesty Queen of all the Fairies. Queen Feeanna. I decided to help this Fairy the wind seemed to be having a good time it blew gust after gust. I picked the young Fairy up in my arms and walked with her to Her Majesties summer residence. I knocked on the door. The door opened and I walked inside with the young Fairy. Her Majesty greeted me and the young Fairy, she tried to open her coat to get to her inside pocket. Her Majesty told her to sit down and in front of the young Fairy and in front of me were goblets of some warming liquid. Her Majesty certainly knew how to treat her guests. The liquid was very refreshing when the young Fairy was finished with her drink she managed to open her coat and hand over to her Majesty a roll of Parchment.




I was just going to say it is time for me to go back to my home when that feeling one gets when travelling by magic and I found myself sitting in my favourite armchair. Had I dreamed this was there really such a wind storm was I really thrown of my feet a few times and what is more important did I catch that young Fairy and take her to Her Majesties summer cottage. Looking down at my feet I still had my very dusty shoes on my feet. It was all true and not something that I had dreamed about.



On the next day I went to the clearing and was as usual greeted by the wise old owl, in her complaining voice she said, “You left early yesterday and I had such interesting news for you, did the wind blow you away? If it were not for my strong claws I would have been blown from my perch.” ”Terrible old wind,” she then flew back to her perch leaving me to get comfortable in the old oak’s roots. Bern your scribbler wishing you all a happy day without the heavy gusts of wind.

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Wondetful! Another wonderful

Wondetful! Another wonderful work dad! You are such an inspiration! ♡hugss 

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