Foul Play In Fairyland.

Bern's Prose.

Foul Play, In Fairyland.


The Robin pecked at my bedroom window until I at last got out of my warm bed to open the window. Such strange behaviour meant only one thing the Robin had a message for me from Her Majesty Queen Feeanna. Opening the window the Robin hopped into my bed room and told me to beware of Muldougan who has made his home in the old caves by the clearing in which stands the old oak tree.


The old oak tree is my favourite resting place; its roots have over the years formed a comfortable resting place for my tired old body. It is too the place where most of the wild animals come to me with all of the news that happens in the forest. I thanked the Robin and made a mental note to be watchful whenever I saw Muldougan.


Making my morning stroll though the forest I was approached by a mother deer with her young. Them the sly old fox and a badger and one or two other of my animal friends, all warned me that Muldougan had taken over the old caves and was now plotting something that did not promise anything good for me.


Arriving at my old oak tree I made myself comfortable in its old roots wondering what mischief Muldougan had in store for me. I was not overly worried I had the help of Her Majesty Queen Feeanna. I knew that all of the animals would be there for me and slowly my eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep. One bad dream after the other rushed through my rest pause. I awoke at last as a liquid was thrown into my face. My eyes stung and I had difficulty in seeing what was about me. Then I heard the laugh of Muldougan as he ran off. His mocking voice sounded strange to my ears. “Who has a pretty face now? Who will the Fairy Queen fancy now and all kinds of stupid questions that I could not make head nor tail of. It was the sly old fox that grabbed me by my hand and lead me to the stream. It was the fox that told me to wash my face in the clear cold water. Taking a deep breath I dipped my face deep into the fresh water stream. I could feel the soothing water washing whatever it was that Muldougan had thrown into my face. The mother Deer with her young had followed us and it was she that picked some strange moss that she nuzzled into my hand telling me to rub this moss into my face. To my surprise the moss not only soothed my skin but also cleared my eyes. I was now able to see myself in the cool clean water. My skin was no longer ugly and drawn but also my eyes could see even better after the moss treatment.


The sly old fox told me that he had a thousand things to see to and off he ran. The mother Deer with her young came back with me to the old oak tree. Her Majesty was awaiting me and after looking long and hard at my face she smiled. I see the stream has lost none of its healing qualities. Now for Muldougan no one attacks a friend of mine here in Fairyland. One wave of her magic wand and a few minutes later a strange looking animal came to the oak tree. It had two legs like a human being, a body like a deer and a head like a fox. Her Majesty spoke, You are now whatever it pleases you to call yourself but as you are now you represent the three animals that helped my friend Mr. Shaw in his time of need. You will never be able to harm a human being ever again. You will be feared by all that see you in the bodies that you have become, the biggest punishment is that you will never have a friend again ever in your lifetime. However long that might be.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my Inimate and Family. Have a wonderful weeek from Martha and Bernard.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr Bernard & Mrs Martha

Namashkar from a fan & family faraway .. Sometimes I truly wish that I could write such beautiful pieces like you do. I assure you Austromate that in my next birth I'll beat you hollow whenever that may be.Truly I was a little worried since there was a gap between "Old Jim" and "Foul Play" Now I'm happy to see "oak tree" with all its might and wisdom.May I confide [tomorrow may be too late] that I feel somewhat unfit at "indimate.. bishu etc" being mentioned by you. It makes me happy nonetheless.Whatever I'll remain your indiamate till the end of everything~