Some more of Bern's nonsense.


Some more of Bern’s Nonsense.




It is a pity that the ancient King Canute,


Did not learn how to play the flute.


He tried to stop the tide coming in.


Which in itself was no big sin.


But his brain you know must have been very small.


Was it him I wonder that pushed Humpty Dumpty from his wall?


Was he the one that stole all the sheep from poor hapless little Bo-Peep?


Can we blame him for Tom, Tom, the Pipers son who stole a pig and away he run.


Who pushed poor Pussy down the well was it after King Canute had a dizzy spell.


Why did little Tommy Tucker have to sing for his supper? Did King Canute punish him for his young voice? Did little Tommy Tucker have no real choice?


Was little Miss Muffet really sitting on a tuffet eating her curds and whey? Was it King Canute without his flute that frightened Miss Muffet away?

Or was it really a Spider that sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away we will never know we all the outsiders from today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Bishu. do you remember these old Nursery Rhymes my Friend? bern.

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Yes ..Respected Mr Bern my good friend but some have

Yes ..Respected Mr Bern my good friend but some have gathered the grime of time and the gravity of the profoundly sick.That Canute one I really didn't read I think and the Tommy Tucker one is out of my bogged mind. What was it ?? Oh ! The Ming Dynasty when poets were real nasty Laughing Thank you for making my day. I'll update "Shut Up" and sign out. Be well my Good Sir Respected Mr Bern~A guy looking for nursery rhymes Ends up doing the pantomimes Laughing