Enough is enough.

"Was up brother,

you got our token.

Cause if you don"t,

well Corndog here,

he can get upset."

"Like man,i had it.

I swear.

But it"s been a bad week.

My breads tight."

"Yoah, you leave the

bad weeks to the ladies.

We have a deal,

we say, you pay.

Now listen up,

we"ll be back in two whores,

no pay, bad day."

Sometimes a time can come,

when all you knows been said.

All your doing now

is waiting to be dead.....

You think about this crappy life,

and yes you curse your luck.

Then commen sense prevails,

you could not give a fuck.....

You cannot underestimate

the power of a gun.

You go and snort some coke,

get ready for the fun.....

The "Brothers" they return,

expecting Yankee dollar.

You bring them far inside,

the drug makes you feel taller.....

Your life is bled enough,

it is all coming to an end.

The gun is empty now

a message it did send.....

The Coke has not worn off

it is time to say goodbye.

take the stairs up to the roof.

I think that i can fly.....

When i get to heavens door,

i"ll have a lot to say and talk.

My only worry is,

will they hear my knock.....

There is air beneath my wings.

For a moment, then i fell.

this door it wont be answered,

oh to hell to hell.

In done town Miami today police are treating

a double murder with a possible suicide as connected.

They think it could be drug related.

And now over to the weather.....


It"s hot.....

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Sharon Wunsch's picture

This sounds like the Chicago neighborhood in which I worked as a dental assistant for 10 months back in the early '90s. There were shootings and stabbings every day as drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes came to get their teeth fixed. I really liked this poem, especially the ending. It throws the real world in the readers face.

Since Destroyed's picture

That's sad

Since Destroyed