In The Eyes Of Me

You tell me to beware

For there is something there

That I can not see inside of you

But I do not believe this is true

For I only see a heart of gold

A hand that is worth a hold

Smiles that turn night to day

Feelings in my heart as I walk away

Cause I look into your eyes as I go

Seeing all the beauty I already know

For even with what you say

I see no evil where you lay

Evil can not get this near

For such sweetness brings it fear

Which just leaves all I see

An angel from heaven, in the eyes of me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is always good in matter what they say

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Amanda's picture

I love the imagery in this one. But the thing that I like best about this poem is what it says, look inward. So many people base so much on outward appearences instead of the substance of people. As a result, they can miss people that could have made them happy.

If only more people had this outlook.

But to the other end of the spectrum, some people won't let you see past what's on the surface. They've just been hurt to many times. These are the people that you want to work on and pray that they can open up to someone. Pray that they won't be lost.

I agree, there is good in everyone. All you have to do is find it. Some people wear it like a coat or a trophie, others keep it inside, which just makes them glow.