Hit The Ground (Falling In Love)

I drown out the sound

As I hit the ground

And tears stream down my face

I am left to feel my heart race

For with just one kiss from you

Through the hole, I knew the wind blew

And started to heal my broken heart

One that had been shattered, torn apart

By so many that were there before

So many, that I had shut the door

But it’s been open again on this night

For just one kiss, brought back all my might

To say what I wanted to

That I have fallen in love with you

So I stay down a little more

Before I return to my feet, where I was before

To see you smiling, with a glow

You love me too, this I now know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just one kiss!!!

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Melly Johnson's picture

I really like this one :) so beautiful!