Drift Away

Another worthless day

As time seems to drift away

Reminding me of all that went wrong

Why I can’t survive for long

As the end comes near

I put aside all the fear

Because I know my time has come

Everything around me has come undone

As the day creeps on through

And I realize I have nothing left to do

So with a moment left in dread

I place the cold barrel up to my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life has no meaning

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Megan's picture

Cold barrel.
this could be either a keg stand..or cold barrel knocking you out...or something completly different..either way I like the visual. cold , could mean metal..or just cold beer.
barrel..tunnel...barrel..rolling..drifting away...
barrel's float. making connections is fun.

Although..I see some conflicting statements.
" I put aside all fear"

and the idea of placing the cold barrel on your head....makes me think of either drawning your fears..putting them aside that way...or maybe you never really put them aside bc it's causing you to react in a certain way
OR forcing them aside by ending them all together...
and b/c you are dreading the moment...which is a form of fear.

I feel this poem, rock on.