This Letter

How to feel as I write this letter

Hoping everything will work out for the better

Once we are apart and the pain fades away

So we can both find another and face a new day

For we kill each other with every word we speak

And are just not what the other seeks

So for months we have put on a show

Hoping things will get better as we go

But the pieces of our shattered hearts only break more

Every piece ends with more on the floor

For these pieces can’t seem to make the whole

And the fire that once burned, turns to coal

So we just see the ashes blow away

This letter says everything I have left to say

And the envelope has been sealed with a kiss

For there are things I will truly miss

But the bad out weighs the good in this case

And I can not continue on with this race

Only to lose to the sands of time

What we had has lost all that was sublime

So I leave the letter on your desk and walk out the door

Knowing I won’t be able to see you anymore

For I begin to cry as I get in my car

Knowing, away from you, I am already too far

And as I drive away, the pieces on the floor begin to mend

Is this the new beginning of love, or is it the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The worst letter to write

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Stephanie P.'s picture

This poem is so wonderful! Everything you've written just touches me deep within. It seems as if you've written this with a lot of emotion and it shows.