Lost The Game

Why did it happen this way

Listening to every word the media does say

Talking of that one faithful night

When I couldn’t hold in all my fright

And you took away all I had left in me

Gave me nothing more to see

And I snapped and took your life

Stabbed you with a butcher knife

For you said you were my friend

And from myself you were trying to defend

But I saw right through

I knew what you wanted to do

You said you just wanted to see me alive

But I know you wish I died

I know you wanted to do it for me

But I stopped letting you be

So now I look back with no shame

We both played and lost the game

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A story running through my head

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Ryan's picture

I like the poem, but I dont understand why you would EVER think that anyone would want you dead!! You know how to get ahold of me, I'm always there for you if need ANYTHING!