The Knight

The options overwhelm

Too many knights in one realm

And the maiden with one heart of gold

To be won, not to be sold

But every time she picks another appears

Reigniting all the pains and the fears

That she felt the time before

Back when there was only one, not so many more

For she remembers how her heart wept

The day when he got up and left

And she doesn’t want to feel that way anymore

While suitors wait patiently at her door

For they have seen her beauty and grace

But nothing compares to that sad look upon her face

For she doesn’t want any of these knights

She just wants the man that can stop the fright

And this can only be the man of her past

The one who got up and left so fast

But she wants to forget the history

And be with him to end all this misery

For he and only he appears in her dreams

And stops her crying and the screams

For she knows that what they had was true

She will never find it again, this, she already knew

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you just know where the love is no matter how many options you have

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Jess's picture

i know i should have done this a long time ago, but i want to express my graditude for this poem...its beautiful and means a lot to me (and that Knight :)), u have helped me through so much and i can't thank you enough...this, and all your other poems, are wonderful and i love reading them