World Go Numb

As I look at you with this gun to my head

You look back like I am already dead

For you have given up and know you have lost

You have given everything you had, to only pay the cost

Now you have given up on what we had

You say I turned into what makes you sad

For you believe I am anything I want to be

But I don’t believe you can really see

What I am and will become

You don’t see the worthless bum

That stares at me in the mirror everyday

Taunts me, with the vision of all I say

And as you try to say how much you care

I just give you one final stare

Then pull the trigger and end it all

A scream, and to your knees you fall

For your worst nightmare is now a reality

And all those words spoken, are no longer my fantasy

For I told you this day would come

When all love would die and your world go numb

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes, no matter what you say, you can't stop what will eventually happen

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Dawn Parker's picture

this is powerful but very sad well written though .........hmm this is very very interesting