Stop The Rain

Would you give up love, to feel no pain

Set the sun, to stop the rain

And take the hurt from today

As the love just washes away

Cause you want to protect yourself from the world

And all the problems that get hurled

At you by those you once loved

Instead of all the romantic things they thought of

But the romantics mean nothing anymore

Cause the pain has hit an open sore

And you feel that love isn’t worth the heartache

But you find it’s only your heart that breaks

For without love, the meaning is gone

Pain hurts, but it keeps the love strong

And without the strength in our hearts

The love we cherish only comes in parts

And never lives up to what it’s meant to be

The greatest feeling, the overwhelming joy of an eternity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is love really worth giving up

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Michelle Neumann's picture

I like this one a lot. Oh how true your words seem.