Hurts In So Many Ways

Why should I see the good in me

When I can see clearly

And have found nothing to praise

So bad, it hurts in so many ways

Cause I just don’t belong

And the pain grows so strong

While I become the black in this world of gold

Everybody finds someone to hold

While I stand all alone

And try to remember all I’ve known

While I see everyone so great

And understand, why it’s me they hate

And I hate myself too

Death, is what I have to do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome to how I feel everyday of my life

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doesnt  matter's picture

i totally know how u feel
i;m treated like a freak and a complete outcast just because im different
people are judgemental bitches and never let anyone bring you down

shan's picture

when i read this i wanted to cry it hit me so hard because i know how u feel. i've been there before. before u knew me and how i used to be. i hate that u feel alone and that there is nothing great and wonderful about u so let me tell u what i see in u that i don't think u see: i see a friend who is always there when u need him; i see a person who has a personality that can make a room full of strangers feel at home; i see a man that knows how to treat a woman right; i see someone that has always made me laugh even if i wanted to cry; i also see someone that can't see what i see and that's what hurts me, because i know how true it is and feel that i failed u somhow for not helping u to uncover the blindfold; u r an amazing person but i know what it's like to hear this and think "ya right" but know that i mean this. i know how hard it is to hear what people say when the screaming in your own head becomes deafening.