They are treasures to be found

They are the sweetest sound

For they are the dove

The joy from above

They make everything worth doing

Every path worth choosing

Without them life would not go

The wind would not blow

The world would come to a stop

The rain would not drop

For women make life worth living

For women make every song worth singing

So they should be shown care

Always be treated fair

For they are the jewel in everyone’s sight

They are the star that shines so bright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Women are a precious thing

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someone u dont kno's picture

i agree with the others... if more men were like u. there would be a better world for us.not to sound like girls rule the planet or ne thing

that_one_girl's picture

That was so beautiful. Thank you for making me proud to be a woman. The world would be a lot better if all men were you.

Lindsay's picture

Wow... I wish more guys thought this way! Very sweet. It says a lot about the type of guy you are. =)