Under The Trees

I see in you something that no other man sees

As the sunlight streams through the trees

On your beautiful body and face

While my heart just tries to keep pace

Because you have a personality of gold

I have to listen to the advice told

Because it comes out of a place so pure

And you follow your heart so sure

Because you know it will not lead you wrong

Knowing that you are so strong

Cause only good thing you possess

No matter what is life’s mess

You always know you are special in a heart

Which is yours, so you don’t fall apart

And you become prettier by the day

Your personality sweeps me away

And I always see your face and know you will be fine

You will always be something special, even if you are not mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some girls are amazing in every way...i am lucky to have met one

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Lindsay's picture

I really like this one. Very beautifully written. Stellar.