Love's Story

The time this day has come

Another hero goes on unsung

For I try to help and look where it gets me

Locked in a room with pads for me to see

Cause I came to your aid while you were in need

And you planted love’s seed

You kissed me as a way of saying thanks

I thought it was one of those pranks

But you really cared

So many months together we shared

And I got to believe you were worth it all

But this is where I began to fall

For the next day you told me, “You were too good for me

There other men would be”

And when you left, I lost all that was good

I tried to keep it together all I could

But I fell apart

And the voices began to start

And nothing is right anymore

As they shut the door

To my padded cell

For this is where I dwell

But I have found a way out

And this is what it’s all about

For I just get out of my white coat

As my dreams begin to float

As I tie the belt around the ceiling beam

And watch the as the sun makes the buckle gleam

Then put the other end on like a tie

Then jump so I can fly

So I died to help you in your time of need, you see

And now I thank you for setting me free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is truely a story of love

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Lindsay's picture

I am speechless. This is simply phenomenal.