Why do we love life the way we do?

And deal with the faces that comes to us

While we decide which are the lucky few

But what about the faith in a person’s trust

Cause few are not true to the words they say

And will turn towards another person’s side

So they can just leave and walk away

Then the feelings wash away like the tide

So you forget the past and the mistakes made

And you wonder what’s the next step to take

As those memories begin to fade

You worry about the next liar and fake

But you pull through with your heart to live

Cause you know the good and have more to give

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you are hurt so bad you lose sight of
something so good.

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Dawn Parker's picture

that was a great poem matt and really makes sense...well i feel i can relate.....ttylbye

Becca Taylor's picture

Hey, great poem.. I know the feeling.