Taken away at such a young age

Life would change if you were still around

Thinking life wouldn’t be such a cage

Wondering if my soul would be lost or found

Because you are the light that touches my skin

Even though you left this life we do love

You give me the power to fight and win

For you are watching me from up above

So you can see every tear I shed

As you wipe them off my face once again

And listen to every word I once said

Because from all evil, me, you do defend

For you will always live inside of me

My sister, family we will always be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P. Melissa

Love you sis

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dreamofchasingangel's picture

I am so sorry for the
loss of your beloved sister.
This is a beautiful tribute to her.


Melly Johnson's picture

It is simply beautiful...
I know she is watching over you <3

Kirst Rumble's picture

i love this poem it made me cry.
im sorry.
i know how you can feel some time but she is there for you to make sure you are ok.
always smile cos u neva know who has fallen inlove with it.
all my love kirstxx

Becca Taylor's picture

This is really sad, and I'm really sorry..