Remember Me

Remember me as I drift away

Remember everything I meant to say

Remember all the times we shared

Remember all the times we cared

Remember the days of fun

Remember the days in the sun

Remember the nights we would sit and talk

Remember when we would go for a walk

Remember the secrets we would trust in each other

Remember how you would make me your unofficial brother

Remember how you would not let me die

Remember how we would reach the sky

Remember every word that we said

Remember every time we thought our relationship was dead

But I will not let our relationship die

That’s why I want to thank you before I say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some people just make a place so hard to leave

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Amanda's picture

I've had so many people that I trusted fall away from me, and I hate that. I feel like when they leave, they've taken a piece of me with them, a piece that I can't get back.

The friends that I've got now mean the world to me and leaving here is almost impossible. I know that it'll happen some day, but I'm most definately content to be here for now.

But when it happens, there'll be a lot of thank you's to go around. My second family means the world to me. :-) You guys will definately be in those thanks yous.

Becca Taylor's picture

Great poem..Really sad though, but I still liked it.