Different Life

You want me to be something I’m not

You want me to have what you got

But that’s just not me

I carry my own life, my own insanity

I don’t want to be what you are

I will travel my own path, and I will go far

You think you can bring me down

You think you can run me round and round

You think because I am different, I am sick

I just think this is some rotten trick

This is my life and I will live it

And I will enjoy every bit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just cause I am different doesn't mean somethings wrong with me

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Amanda's picture

This poem definately speaks to me, especially at this time in my life. You know why. :-)

I love those people that try to say that they're normal. What's normal? It's all up to the individual. Being different and unique is something that I think is a great thing to be. Some of the people that I hold most dear are some of the strangest people you'd ever want to meet. Life would be really boring if we were all the same.

Excellent stuff Matt. Keep it up.

shan's picture

I dont think anything is wrong with u! :)