2 Broken Hearts

Two broken hearts

So close yet so far apart

He, do to a greedy baby

Her man cheated with another lady

Now they sit side by side

Looking away from each other with so much to hide

If only one would say a word

Their life would soar like a bird

But they both turn away

Looking for love as they may

Little do they know where their love may reside

It sits right by their side

But finally they get up to leave and say goodbye

Their chance for love, so does die

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can find love anywhere

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Melly Johnson's picture

As I have said before, this is an awesome poem!

not  important's picture

hey your a realy good writer
i realy like this poem, but i think it would be a lot better if u didnt try so hard to ryme everyting
just a sugestion
keep writing ur realy good

feyfire13's picture

That was a really cool poem. Rock on!


Becky Zeits's picture

love is everywhere and anywhere...some just need to take the time to find it...

Noelle S's picture

i love it!