I Walk In Love

When I am unsure of my future

When I don't know which way to turn

When I feel no one is with me

I walk in love.

When I feel down and discouraged

When my back's against the wall

When I doubt anyone can hear me

I walk in love.

When I sense His Grace and Mercy

When I feel His sweet embrace

When I know I can go forward

I walk in love.

When I have my hand in His

When I feel the nail-scarred palm

When I know I'm with my Father

I walk in love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For My Sister, Susie...

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Sasha_J's picture

Cathy dearest, I just came in and read this poem, and to see that you had dedicated it to me, made me shed a few tears........ I love you sister dear...... these words shall be embellished on my heart for ever, we have been guided and lead by our Savior to each other..

Bless you "Sis"


Malcolm McCaffery's picture

This is a really beautiful piece, I'm sure your sister must have loved it. I love it.

Cherwanda's picture

This is amazing!