¿Quieres saber que ha sido de mi?


Sabes qué ha sido de mi?
No, no lo sabes.
Seduje a la noche
bailé con el viento
jugué con el mar
y me emborraché con la música

Me hice el amor
dormí con sueño
peleé con la almohada
escribí mis sueños
y soñé con mis miedos.
Pero tú ya no lo sabes

Cuéntame, qué ha sido de ti?
Mientras yo contaba estrellas
tú contabas cada lágrima
que de tus ojos nacía
No me malentiendas, no es malicia;
alguna vez me sentí mal de hacerte sufrir


Notaste cuando estuve por ahí;
en tu espacio, silenciosa
Y escuché las mil aves
olí ese perfume desconocido
canté a todo pulmón mi himno
Me sentiste, pero no me viste...
Ahora ya sabes que ha sido de mi 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Do you know what has been of me?
No, you don't.
I seduced the night
danced with the wind
played with the sea
and got drunk with the music

I made myself love
I slept with slumber
fought with the pillow
I wrote my dreams 
and dreamt with my fears
But you don't longer know

Tell me, what has been of you?
While I was counting stars
you counted every tear drop
that littered from your eyes
Don't get me wrong, is not cattiness;
I once felt bad for making you sad


You noticed when I was there
in your space, so silently;
I heard a thousand birds
smelled that unknown perfume
I sang at the top of my lungs my hymn
You felt me, but didn't see me...
Now you know what has been of me

ginsywilde's picture

Realllyyy good

This is a really good poem! I like howyou portray your emotion and strength on this one. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this a poem about self-preservation and moving on? If it is, good job! I really liked it.

Belle's picture

Thank you so much!!

You're absolutely right! It's about self-preservation after a big crash I had in my life, I'm moving on, and this is the way to convince myself that life is on continuous movement and so should I :) I'm so glad you like it! <3