Vete lento

Vete, pero no. 

Vete y no regreses,

pero no me hagas regresar.

O vete, pero no tan lejos

porque luego me vas a necesitar.



pero no digas que te vas 

sin saber que te amo.

Bien sabes

qué es todo lo que hago. 


Te darás cuenta 

cuando estés lejos,

y aún sientas que me extrañas.

Cuando el tiempo pasé, 

Y aún sepas que me amas. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll just leave the translation over here... :D haha 



Leave, but don't.

Leave and don't come back,

but don't make me come back either.

Or leave, but not too far

for when you find you need me 



but don't dare to say you're leaving without knowing

that I love you.

You know that's all I do. 


You'll find out,

when you're far away

and feel you still miss me.

When you feel time keeps passing by

and you know you still love me. 

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word_man's picture

touching write,don`t leave

touching write,don`t leave knowing that i love you !

Belle's picture

It's harder to leave and let

It's harder to leave and let go if there is still love and desire right? 

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you are right,it is

you are right,it is

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Figured that out the hard way

Figured that out the hard way :( anyway... 

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we all do,life is cruel

we all do,life is cruel sometimes,we lose our

hopes and dreams,we think we will be together forever but that smacks  you

in the face

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Best we can do is take things

Best we can do is take things as they come and write a poem about it hahaha that will heal a lot, and what can't be healed with a poem, can be healed with two... Or more hopefully :) 

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yeap, you are right

yeap, you are right

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Happy holidays!! :)

Have a great time!