Cleared up Desperation - seven Tanka

One's thoughts - actions - goals

nothingness filled up with sense

constructed stand points.

Clever words - wisdom of self

static dissolving in space.

Habits - hopes - beliefs

relating to emptiness

views trapped in vain.

Observer lost in darkness

no stepping stone left ahead.

Relationships end

reflected feelings faded

longings all cut down.

Body's appearance shrinking

properties give no support.

What was driving me

direction giving ideas

with selfless motives

reality took over

illusions dried out in time.

Left alone - ignored

without sharing of my pain

thrown back to oneself.

Outside distraction calms down

distorted view turns inward.

What keeps me alive?

Memory of existence?

Experience patterns?  

Why do I still ask myself?

Tired of endless answers.

Looking at the moon

stars blinking straight down to me

message without words.

There is nothing left to say:

*Being* fills the space - - and me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I changed a few words. Please take in account that this poem is written in Haiku/Tanka form...

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