Everyone wanted to hear Cave'

Hippies, businesssuits, ambitious

They come and take from Cave' Mountain.

They want to be like Cave'.

She is so cool.

They're making a mess of this place!

They poop on the ground;

Leave rubbish all over the place!

The Eternals say.

Cave', Cave'

You give too much!

This place is a mess! 

It smells like poop!

Cave', wanted to be kind.

She didn't want to be cruel.

But sometimes that, was the new cool.

So Cave' made some rules.

You bring your own bag.

You fill it with your trash.

I don't see you carrying.

I don't talk to you.

From then on the problem faded away.

She asked for volunteers,

To clean up the rest.

They fell over each other,

To do their best.

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