Rage In A Cage

Ideas of rage

Trapped in a cage

Thinking it might be like it

And it's the same

Blood pumping to my head

So much that I'd be dead

If I wasn't so pissed off

And I was happy instead

Have you ever wanted to grab something

And punch until you had nothing

On your bloody hands but blood and bones

Is that disgusting?

But it's really how I feel

Like someones else has taken the wheel

They didn't ask for it, man

It was a steal

There pumping on the gas

Making my heart beat fast

Until boom my life is over...

The dude fucking crashed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Keep your god damned questions to your fucking selves!  

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Alyssa White♥'s picture

...Why should I keep them to myself? If all I do is think "to highly of myself." Once again, it was sarcasm. Get it straight. I don't hate you. You attend to piss me off because you take things too seriously. Seriously though Paul, it's stupid. You can be Eddie's favorite, I really don't give a flying fuck. And I don't care that this may sound bitchy because it's not. It's the truth.

Anyway, enough of fighting. It's done with. You apologized, its all good.

Nice Poem, expresses anger deeply...wish I had that talent. =( =D


Chyeah, I'm a dinosaur
and you can be Paul-Saurus-Rexxxx

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I like it, Paul. :)

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i hope i can help u as well to find awnsers to questions
i feel u have been iled to or cheated out of somthing or someoneif this person is important u should fight at all costs for her even if u end up loseing he for fighting for her u at least tryed and if after working so hard she dosent see u for what u are and can be she isnt for u

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ummm...ummmm...i think this is interesting tho im not shure about that sooo for now..ummmmm

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so uh Paul ya seem a bit angry... (and your poem is pretty sweet)

Jillian Camtasia Carver's picture

I'm not keeping it to myself.. you have a memory like a steel-trap, nothing escapes you.. I wanna know what happened, please tell me.